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Dog Walking Cat Visits in Upper West Side New York


When Marixa and Michael opened Wags West back in 2010, it was all because of Boudreaux. Lifelong animal lovers, we were inspired to open Wags West after adopting our boy Boudreaux, (aka Boo) a spirited, very smart and lovably high-maintenance Australian Cattle Dog mix. 

Since Boo did not arrive with his own owners' manual, it was up to us to discover--through long walks and positive training techniques (courtesy of great local trainers that soon became resources and friends) --that Boo could learn anything. And we learned our one great truth---A Tired Dog Is A Happy Dog!


Now, ten years later, we manage a talented team of fellow animal lovers. Because hiring exactly the right people is such an essential part of pet care, all staff candidates are interviewed twice, thoroughly vetted through professional references and a security background check, then given complete field training in positive reinforcement dog walking. And that's when we know they are ready to be your dog's next best friend.

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Dog Walking Cat Visits in Upper West Side New York

Join Our Team

We are an established (10 years) pet care company with loyal clients who value great, personal care for their pets. Our staff walk a maximum of three dogs at a time (since we do not believe in pack walking) in the beautiful parks of the Upper West Side and Morningside Heights.

We are currently seeking great, caring Upper West Side dog walkers to join our team. This is obviously an ideal job for animal lovers, but especially for musicians, writers and other creative professionals who can be available during the day for a Monday through Friday part-time schedule between the hours of 11:00am - 5:00pm.

Wags West Friends

Wags West Friends

Over the years, clients have asked us for referrals for other reliable Upper West Side pet service providers. Below are the businesses that we unreservedly recommend for the consistently high quality care and service that they provide.

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